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“The success of education is limited by the quality of the teacher.”

teacher-training-imageOver the years we have been delivering education to the displaced children of Myanmar, we have employed hundreds of teachers. People who are passionate about education. People who gave all they could to sow into the lives of their students. Amazing people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Thanks to their dedication, our schools over the years, have graduated many of the top students from among the refugee communities. Sourcing and training our teaching staff has been a constant challenge and the need to provide better training has been apparent for some time.

In 2012, Effective Aid International formed a partnership with Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI), a private university in New Zealand, to provide a formal 2 year teacher training program serving the people on the Thai-Myanmar border.

BTI provide the course, curriculum, delivery and assessment of this Diploma in Teaching Studies, while Effective Aid International is responsible for student support, buildings and other resource.

Senior staff from BTI, New Zealand visit four times a year to introduce new subjects to our students and we have two full-time NZ volunteers appointed by BTI to facilitate the teaching and assessment.

It has been an exciting journey, with our first amazing graduates completing their Diploma in February 2014. As they go forth into our schools they will take with them the knowledge and skills to bring education to a level comparable to that in most developed countries.

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