Baan Fah Sighy Children's Home

“Founded in 2002 by Australian Phil Hohnen and his Thai wife Wanida, Baan Fah Sighy is an oasis of love for children who have been rescued as babies, accepted into this program and make this their home.”

While Thailand is a fast developing country, within its borders there are great inequalities. Many children are abandoned, rejected by families or orphaned, making their future extremely uncertain and placing them in a position of extreme vulnerability.

Phil and Wanida accept such children as babies. They are “Mummy” and “Daddy” to these kids, treating them as their own and bringing them up in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, introducing them to, and developing them for the world of opportunity that exists today.

The property is constantly being developed to cater for the children’s changing needs as they continue to grow and mature. With the eldest being born in 2002, a priority is being given to education and the development of each child’s individual gifts and talents.

The Blue Skies School – a primary school on site at Baan Fah Sighy has been developed over recent years to deliver primary education to the children. Now registered with the Thai Education Department, it has been opened to external students, providing opportunity to the resident children to mix with their peers from local communities.

The school, endorsed by the education authorities to deliver Kindergarten 1 – 3 and Primary Grades 1 – 6 has been recognised as the best in its region.

The vision Phil & Wanida have for the children of Baan Fah Sighy, is one for their complete development and education. One day these children will join Thai society as leaders in their generation!

Baan Fah Sighy is a key part of the child rescue, education and community development work undertaken by Effective Aid International in northern Thailand.

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