Rebuild a Nation for $1 a Week

​“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

What if you were told you can help rebuild a nation that is emerging from 60 years of oppression and civil war for just $1 per week?

Effective Aid International has been providing education and emergency aid to Burma’s Karen ethnic group for more than 12 years. Thousands of young people have been given new hope as they have been loved, educated and cared for at our schools in the refugee camps and displaced communities on the Thailand-Burma border.

Right now, these children and their families are being encouraged to return to Karen State in Burma. And as these families return, they return to…

In most villages, schools, homes and businesses have been destroyed or are in ruins. There are few schools where these children can be educated and prepared for a future in the rapidly changing and growing economy of Burma.

There are schools to build, curriculum to develop, up-to-date teaching techniques to impart and new teachers to train so that we can change the future for these beautiful Karen children who will lead the redevelopment of their State in the next few years.

And you can help us make a big difference. All it will take is a small $1 or S2 a week.

Yes, you heard us right. Only $1 or $2 dollars a week!
Because when you and thousands of others come together, our small change can make a big change for Karen children and the future of the Karen people and their State.

To get involved, simply enter your details below and each fortnight, your choice of $1 or $2 dollars will be direct debited from your bank account.

You won’t even know it is missing. But these Karen children won’t miss what your small change will do for their lives. We will keep you informed on how your small change is making a big change through regular newsletters emailed direct to your inbox.

At the end of the financial year, Australian residents will receive a contribution summary for your tax records.

Be a part of rebuilding a nation! Partner with Effective Aid International and watch your small change make a big change for the Karen!

Rebuild a Nation

Make a change now! $1 or $2 a week can help us rebuild a nation!

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