Community Development in Myanmar

“New hope is springing forth among the people of Myanmar as their government moves towards openness and freedom within this previously isolated and oppressed nation.”

In the past government expenditure on community development, education and health has been among the lowest in the world. While the situation is improving, the road forward will be slow. The ethnic groups that make up a large proportion of the country’s population are slowly recovering from decades of conflict and persecution.

Among these communities, help is desperately needed and Effective Aid International is stepping up to assist.

As we continue to pursue our vision of planting schools in communities within Myanmar, we will use these as a stepping stone to assisting these families develop in other ways.

Our schools will be used as a training base to deliver programs on hygiene, health, nutrition, organic agriculture and business to the local population. One major goal is to work with parents and families in these communities to increase productivity and prosperity in a way that will eventually bring sustainability to our schools.

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