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“Changing a child’s future through quality education!”

Quality education will bring positive change to the future of a child and eventually a nation. The United Nations identifies education as the best single answer to the future elimination of global poverty. Effective Aid International has been delivering quality education and impacting the communities of refugees and displaced people living in the regions along the Thai-Myanmar border and rural Northern Thailand since 2002.

Human rights abuse, poverty and civil war have caused millions of people to be displaced from their homes and villages since Burma’s independence from Britain in 1948. Almost all of these are from various ethnic minority groups, with the greatest percentage being from the Karen Ethnic Group.

education-imageThese people have fled to safety in refugee camps in the mountainous regions of north-west Thailand close to the Myanmar border. Many more live as illegal migrants in Thailand. Each family has their own horror story of the struggle to escape and survive.

Thirty percent of these displaced people are children of school age. Effective Aid International provides full time quality education to more than 1000 of these children, employing and training almost 100 teachers, all of whom are refugees themselves.

Effective Aid International currently facilitates schools, two inside refugee camps and one catering to the illegal migrant children of families living in rural Thailand and two in Karen State, Myanmar. We provide education at all grade levels from Grade 1 through to Grade 12.

The plan to expand our education program to assist the wider population in Karen State is our number one priority. As this region opens and the refugees and displaced people start to return home, they are returning to no infrastructure. The task of rebuilding their homes and lives is massive. Effective Aid International will be moving with them and commencing the establishment of village and regional schools. At the same time we will be advising and assisting in the villages with community development.

We urgently need partners with a heart to help these people as they return home. Please visit our online Gift Shop and see how a simple purchase can assist in changing the future for a child or their family.

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