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“There is no task more noble than to give a child a better future” - the quote that underpins the vision and work of Effective Aid International.
Effective Aid International is bringing a better and brighter future to the children of some of the world’s poorest families. Children who are crying out for love, protection and the provision of life’s basic necessities - these are the children of displaced families on the Thai-Burma border who have been fleeing from ethnic violence within Burma for more than 60 years. The poor children of north Thailand are also not forgotten, as we embrace the vulnerable, orphaned or abandoned through Baan Fah Sighy – a development and educational program in rural North Thailand.

Recent developments in Burma have opened the opportunity for Effective Aid International to commence moving its education work into Eastern Burma - an area that has not seen development for more than 60 years. Land has already been allocated to us and schooling will commence in 2012.
Through our programs, which provide education, health and well-being, emergency aid and community service to thousands of participants every year, we are building lives and changing the future for families within our target communities.
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You can help us through Effective Aid International's Child Sponsorship Program. Change a young person's life by sponsoring a child today!
Effective Aid International - Fighting poverty in some of our world's poorest communities.
Please partner with us to bring:
  • New life and hope to refugee children and their families
  • Restoration to broken lives
  • Preparation for a positive future
  • Quality education to refugee and displaced children
  • Love to poor, abandoned and orphaned children
  • Emergency life-saving aid to new refugees
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